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Professional live videography for your event

What sets us apart?

Based in Virginia and covering the DMV area and beyond, cuLive is a videography service focused primarily on live broadcast, helping you virtualize your event. We have the equipment, skills, and determination to provide your virtual guests with a second to none in-person experience.

Skills and expertise

Andy Eade has over 30 years experience in audio-visual technology. He has a vast amount of experience designing and building video and sound studios, providing live sound reinforcement, video and audio systems design, and has operated just about every kind of audio-visual equipment around. All of this experience provides the foundation for a successful live-streamed event, where the key differentiator is how to deal with the unexpected, and overcome challenges when they occur; which they will.


We offer a vast array of professional broadcast equipment, to offer the best images and sound possible, without cluttering the visual esthetic of your event with unnecessary operators and gear. We employ internet bonding and privacy technology to ensure your stream stays live even if there are issues with the internet at your location.

While live-streaming is our primary focus, we do offer the option to record all camera footage and also offer video-editing and post production options. 

The guest experience

We can embed our live video into your site and social media, or we can offer custom event web pages with unique URL’s for you to share with your guests. These pages can offer the live video feed, a chat window, and other media assets for your guests.

We can also offer more complex events requiring registration, remote video guests, pay per view and much more. Tell us about your goals, and we’ll help provide you with a great solution. 

This moment only happens once

“Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.”

— Booth Tarkington.

We specialize in...

  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts and Musical Performances
  • Small Conferences, Meetings, and Talks
  • Worship Services and Other Ceremonies
  • Events forced into the remote realm due to Covid-19

What our clients say

How have my video streaming services and expertise impacted you?

“We have had the pleasure of using Andy's livestream services for my son's hockey games. With COVID policies not allowing parents inside at many local rinks, we are so thankful for Andy and his top notch services. We are able to watch the game in real time, even with instant replay highlights! Great quality video. My player loves that he can watch the entire game back later as well. Thank you Andy for all the amazing videos this year!”
Lindsay Upp
Loudoun Knights
“We hired Andy to consult for us when we were failing with other vendors on our livestream capabilities for our media business. Andy saved us. His expertise took us out of the dark ages and he single handedly brought our team up to speed. Couldn’t recommend more highly.”
Walt Schoenborn
Vice President - Science and Medicine Group
“The best video footage of youth hockey games! I have never seen better!”
Dylan’s Golf
Washington Little Caps

“He’s an effective communicator and his expertise makes him stand out above the rest.” – Oscar J Paquette III

Example live-streams

While much of our clients work is private, below are a couple of examples of our Live-streaming

Be in the moment

Allow us to take care of capturing your precious moments, so that you can soak in every ounce of them. 

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