Hi! I’m Andy Eade. I’ve had an obsession with audio-visual technology my whole life, and am always experimenting with the bleeding edge of it’s technology in my studio, Creative Underground.

I was one of the first adopters of video live-streaming in the late 2000’s before Twitch and YouTube had come to the mainstream party. Ustream (now IBM cloud video) and Justin.tv were the platforms of the day. Over this time, the platforms and technology have evolved, as have I.

My passion for live-streaming video is directly related to my passion for the present moment. As a student of Eckhart Tolle, it is my life’s practice to be fully present, in every now, and here’s why I love live video-streaming – it shares this one-off, never to be repeated moment. People that ordinarily could not be a part of your present moment experience, are able to join you through the wonders of technology. Interestingly, this is how Ustream was born – the founders developed the technology to help soldiers deployed during the Iraq War, to communicate with their families.

With this in mind, it is my mission to leverage my equipment, knowledge, and skillset to have your guests feel so fully connected with each moment of your event, that they feel fully present.

Welcome to The Creative Underground Studio

The Creative Underground Studio in Leesburg, VA, is the home of cuLIVE (cu = Creative Underground). From this soundproofed, acoustically neutralized environment, we are able to offer a number of professional media production services including:

  • Audio and video post production services – editing, mixing, mastering, and audio restoration
  • In-studio video recording and live-streaming services
  • Audio recording services – music recording, voiceover / dialogue recording and ADR
  • Custom music creation and sound design
  • Music rehearsal services
  • Studio consulting services

Please visit our sister website at www.creativeunderground.co if you’d like more information on any of the above.