While it’s certainly possible for you to livestream your event from your phone, there are quite a few reasons why you might want to hire a professional:

  1. Our camera equipment allows us to do things that just can’t be done without pro gear; we can offer multiple camera angles, long-range optical zoom, remote pan and tilt control (remote camera operation are less distracting to in-person attendees vs traditional camera operators).
  2. It’s been said many times that good audio is the most important aspect of great video. Our audio expertise and equipment allow us to capture everything you want your guests to hear in crystal clear HD audio, and nothing that they shouldn’t hear. You remote guests will feel like they are right there at your event.
  3. Our technical expertise and equipment allow us to accomplish more challenging setups such as bringing in remote guests, pre-recorded video content, graphical overlays, music, and much more.
  4. Everyone is competing for internet bandwidth at events. We use bonding technology to ensure our stream stays up and isn’t affected by other people using their phones or guest wifi.
  5. We have both experience, and redundancy plans for when things don’t go as planned to ensure your guests enjoy a seamless expereince.
  6. Livestreaming video and audio is stressful and keeps you on your toes. We’d like to take that burden from you so that you can enjoy your event and be fully present with your guests.

Yes, you can use our “Hold the Date” feature.

It will allow you to see our availability in real-time and block our schedule for your date until you know the time, duration, and other details of your event.

Once you know all of the other details, you can contact us to let us know and we will apply 100% of the deposit to your booking. If the total cost for streaming your event is less than the deposit paid, the credit can be used towards our other services and add-ons / extras.

Yes, we travel all over the USA to stream events. Our online booking system is setup for events within the local area. Please contact us to discuss your events outside of the DMV area.

Check with your videographer, but the answer is usually yes. A typical videographer is focused on capturing the event from a cinematic perspective for later editing and post-production. Our livestreaming focus is on bringing your remote guests in to the experience. This often requires alternate camera placement. Additionally, their equipment is focused on recording only, whereas we utilize specialized equipment that allows us to capture, switch and broadcast the images and sound.

We use broadcast quality pan-tilt-zoom cameras that allows us to setup multiple camera angles and operate them remotely from our production desk (usually at the back or side of the event space).

We will, at the client’s request, add a roving camera operator using a wireless transmitter to send the signal back to our production desk. This prevents the need for ugly and potentially dangerous cables moving around the event space.

We have developed proven approaches and pride ourselves on our ability to stream your event to remote guests without getting in the way of your in-person guests.

Yes, we have a wide array of audio-visual equipment that can be rented for your event. Everything from teleprompters to amplified PA speakers. Reach out to us with your needs.

A typical videographer is focused on capturing the event from a cinematic perspective for later editing and post-production. While our livestreaming focus is on bringing your remote guests in to the experience, we do also record each individual camera and are able to provide post editing and production services should you wish to use our footage for your wedding video. This can be a great way to save money if you don’t want to pay for a cinematic videographer.

Yes, let us know when booking how many DVDs you would like pressed.